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I'll be you consultant in Bulgaria

Hello! My name is Krum Krumov and I am a consultant and project manager. I work on projects related to buying a ready business or starting a new business like fast food restaurants, coffees, bars, shops and so on. My goal is to consult and help in the realization of the project from the beginning idea to the actual elaboration.

Who are my clients actually? – They are people, who have decided to open a business, or expand already existing one. But only the desire to do it isn’t enough. If you have an idea to achieve it there is a long road with exact tasks witch needs time planning sequence expertise in different areas and contacts.

These are the tasks I’ve done for previous clients, mostly Russians, English and of course Bulgarian clients:

  • I have checked announced for sale business. Made an evaluation of the condition of the business.
  • I led the negotiations for payment and have negotiated better prices for my clients.
  • I exerted full support for subsequent administrative requirements change of ownership.
  • I recruited and trained new staff.
  • Together with customers have established standards for work and I monitor their quality performance.
  • I organized events promoting the client’s business and overall campaign.
  • I organized a meeting of foreign clients, accommodation in hotels, including organizing entertainment events for the foreign clients.

The cost of my services is depending on the particular project, its complexity and length, but always consistent with the reality.

My goal is winning satisfied customers to work with in long-term and in subsequent projects rather than a single engagement.

If you have questions or ideas would be happy to discuss them.

With best wishes!